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Gilmore Car Museum

Traveled to the Gilmore Car Museum just outside Hickory Corners, Michigan for the first time.  The event that drew me there was the Relix Riot.  That’s where Hot Rod enthusiast  (pre 64 for the most part) bring their dreams to display.  There were hundreds of vehicles.  But, just as impressive was the Museum pieces that are housed in the half dozen barns on the property.  My wife and I wondered around the grounds in the morning taking in the past.  We’re old enough that we do indeed remember those days (although she will deny this).

The hood ornament above is from a 1937 Cadillac.  Under that ornament is sported an overhead valve V-16 engine.  Sixteen cylinders!  Wow!  But, this was near the end of the Cylinder Wars.  There were only 20 of these cars produced by Cadillac that year.  It carried a price of $8.205.  That’s more than I paid for my first new car in 1970 ($1650).  Of course, that was just a VW Bug.  I hope to put up more of the beauties I found over the next month.  So, if you like the old rods, stay tuned!

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