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Time Lapse or Stop Motion?

DenverZoo from brucevigneault on Vimeo.

A slowly percolating interest in Time Lapse Photography was recently given a jolt by Petra Cross.  On a recent episode of TWIT Photo I watched an interview with her where she described her Time Lapse Videos.  They appear to be a cross between Time Lapse and Stop Motion Photography.  But, whatever you want to call them, I found the results captivating.  So, on a recent trip out west (to my son’s wedding), my wife and I stopped over in Denver to pick up my daughter at the airport.  While there we took time to catch a quick look at the Denver Zoo.  I decided it would be a great opportunity to try out this new technique.  One downside to it is that you have to take a lot of pictures (of the same thing) to impart motion.  This sometimes leaves one looking very strange to observant people.  But being one not to mind looking strange (a past time?) I went about the task.  Some 615 images later I was ready to process them.  Following Petra’s directions, I processed them in Lightroom first and then moved them to Photoshop to produce the video.  Probably the most important thing I learned from this first attempt is that I need to take a lot more pictures to improve subject matter and transitions! I’ve started a board on Pinterest of sites with information on Time Lapse if you would like to follow.

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