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GoPro Hero and Racing

Finally took the opportunity to try out my GoPro Hero 2 Camera.  My next door neighbor (Father and Son) are into Friday night car dirt track racing.  They race at the Mt Pleasant Speedway Dad was kind enough to allow me to attach the GoPro to roll bar of his son’s car.  Having had no experience with this, I wasn’t so sure that I wouldn’t end up watching my new camera vibrate loose and fall out onto the track to be run over by another race car.  I used an optional attachment device (sold by GoPro) to attach it to the Roll Bar.

View from the front of the Car

View from back of the car.

The attachment seemed secure enough.  My concerns now was whether the vibrations of the car would translate into to poor video quality and whether or not the Wi-Fi BackPac & Remote would allow me to start and stop the video.  As you can see below, both concerns did not prove to be a problem.

Before the race, both Dad and a 19 year old cousin (that also races) counseled the driver (13 yr old Kyle).

You’ll be able to hear a little of this last minute advice in the first part of the video below.

Lessons were learned though.  Since the driver (13 yr old Kyle) ended up leading for most of this race, the view out the front quickly became boring (just an empty track).  I hope to attach again and this time use a view that allows the camera to look back, behind the car while also showing the drivers face.  The GoPro proved to be a reliable, fun camera that also (inexpensively) gives great video!

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