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Auto Drive


Just a short post.  Watch the above video.  It has a great ‘reveal’ at the end.

I was listening Leo Laporte’sThis week in Google‘ while working out this morning and he played and commented on this video at the end of the podcast.  I’ve been watching the various news and videos about Google’s accomplishments with ‘Auto Driving’.  That is, having a car navigate on it’s own with no help from the driver.  They have a great safety record with it so far and have booked a ton of miles. Although, in testing, they always had a driver sitting behind the wheel … just in case.  Now, I don’t believe this is something we’re going to see on the road next year.  In fact, there seems to be a lot of resistance to it from drivers.  But, if you watch the new cars that are rolling out, they are slowly incorporating a little more ‘auto driving’ each year.  From cars that park themselves, to Ford’s new ‘help’ with corning when you’re traveling too fast.

Personally, I would love the idea of auto driving on those long treks out to the Rocky Mountains when crossing states like Iowa and Nebraska.  I could be surfing the web, reading a good book, or even sleeping!  But I wouldn’t be a fan of it fulltime.  Like running to the local store or searching out a spot for a great photo.  But, I think it will have it’s place.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject of Auto Driving.  Do you like the idea or are you totally against it?

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