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Best Shot, Self Portrait?

This last weekend I was at the Breslin Center on the Michigan State University Campus to shoot High School State Basketballs Finals.  I was covering Flint Beecher as they took on Traversie City St. Francis.  Beecher led from tip off to buzzer to capture the State Championship Trophy.  The Breslin is a beautiful venue to shoot at.  Great light, backgrounds and a target rich environment.  But it’s difficult to get into a great spot from which to shoot.  For the most part you had to pick and then hold a spot along one of the end lines of the court.  This was made difficult by the number of photogs, officials moving in front of you and video people competing for the same spots.  Also, each team had it’s cheerleaders and they took up one half of the end line.  In the post today, I’ve included two of my favorite shots from the game. So in the shot above of Emmanuel Phifer dunking the ball, I found my self on the wrong corner of the court.  If I would have been on the other side, the picture would be much more dramatic as Emmanuel’s face would be part of the picture expressing the effort and elation of the act!  However, I do like the looks on the faces of the Traverse City players on the bench.

In this second shot, Damon Sheehy of Traverse City St Francis is diving to recover a loose ball.  Flint Beecher had contested the ball full court for the entire game.  Traverse City had two well seasoned guards that brought the ball up the court successfully most of the time.  But the tactic largely prevented them from the ability to get into and run their offense very often.  Overall it was a great game to shoot with a lot of emotion during and at the end of the game.  The rest of my shots from the game can be seen on High School Sports Scene Web Site.

Now for the Self Portrait portion  of this blog post.  Most photographers love to take photos (as you would guess), but hate having to take a picture of themselves (self portraits).  Recently at the annual Gulf Photo Plus Conference in Dubai, three of the world’s photog Icons were put on the spot.  Lately, one  of the most popular events of the conference is a shoot out competition involving three top photographers.  This year David Hobby, Martin Prihoda and Gregory Heisler were the contestants.  Unlike years past, there task this year was a self portrait.  Each used a different technique to accomplish their task in just 20 minutes.  You can watch the video here of the competition. It’s fun to watch great minds going through the process of ‘creating’ an image.

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