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Not a Contact Sport?

There’s no longer any doubt that Girl’s Basketball is a contact sport!  Yesterday at the Breslin on Michigan State’s Campus, I watch four teams work their butts off crashing into each other up and down the court.

Morley Stanwood and St Ignace battled for 48 minutes with five or less points separating the teams until the last 90 seconds.  It was one of those games that you feel it’s a shame that either team had to lose.

But, only one team could advance to the Finals and Morley Stanwood will represent both of these teams there tomorrow.

In the second game, I covered Portland St Pats as they battled Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes.  St Pat’s got behind early as Waterford pushed the ball hard following each miss by the Shamrocks.  St Pat closed the gap a couple of times, but couldn’t stay the whole game with ball handling and shooting ability of Waterford.  But, I was excited with the great basketball I got to see in a beautiful arena!  You can see more photos from these two games on the High School Sports Scene Website.

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