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City Ball

Changed over last night from shooting Class C and D ball, to shooting some “Big City” Ball.  I traveled to Midland to capture a Regional Championship game between Saginaw High (22-2) and Flint NorthWestern (15-12). First problem I encountered was self created.  I got half way to the game and realized in a paralyzing moment (not good when driving), that I had not put my two 16 gig cards back into my camera.  I keep telling myself that I’m going to stick an old card in my bag so I’m never caught in this situation, but have yet to do it.  Well, I just did it!

So, obviously, from the picts, I finally got there (luckily, before tipoff time!).  Next realization, this game is a lot faster than the ones I’ve been shooting.  I immediately had to bear down and concentrate on the game and anticipate the action.  The first few minutes following the tip off, my throwaways were raging.  By halfway through the first quarter I was into the flow of the game and getting some good shots.

I shot the entire game using a 70-200mm lens.  Usually, I try to shoot half the game from under the basket with a 24-70mm.  But, it was way too congested there and I was afraid that there was just too many bodies in the lane to be able to separate the shooter out.  There is a balcony around the court at Midland Dow.  About half way through the fourth quarter, the game was out of reach and Saginaw started emptying the bench.  So, I went up stairs to see what that angle would produce.

While up there, the only dunk of the game occurred.  Well, I got it, but I’m not thrilled with the angle.  I think it would have been more dramatic from my ground level position.  Now it’s off to the Breslyn down at MSU for the Girl’s Semi and Finals.  I love shooting in that environment.  Great lights and great backgrounds!


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  1. I like the angle on the dunk….shows how high he really got up! Great shot

  2. Thanks Kevin!

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