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Lightroom 4 Export Problem

Fulton celebrates 1 pt victory in Regional Semis

I shoot  high school sports for a monthly magazine (HighSchoolSportsScene.com).  Last night I was at Sacred Heart Academy for the Boy’s Basketball Regional Semi-Finals. Fulton was the local team that I was covering.  They won a very physical game by one point.  But that’s not what this post is about.  I came home and went to work downloading the pictures to my computer so I could then edit them in Lightroom and upload them to High School Sports Scene Web Site.  Within the last week I’ve purchased the upgrade and downloaded the new version of Lightroom (4). They’ve made some wonderful changes to it, especially for the Sport’s Photographer (since we end up shooting in very dark gyms!).  One of the last pictures was one of the celebration at the conclusion of the game.  I thought I would export it into Photoshop 5 and apply Topaz’s Labs, Adjust 5’s Dramatic filter to it.  When it appeared in PS-5 I noticed that it didn’t not appear exactly like it had in LR-4.  But, it being late and I was tired, I attributed it to my eyes and went directly into the Topaz plugin.  When I saved it back to PS-5 I found that I had to color correct again.

Today, when I went out for my jog, I tuned my iPod into the latest podcast from This Week in Photography.  Syl Arena was a guest on the show.  They were talking about the release of Lightroom 4 and one of his comments was that ACR and PS-5 wouldn’t be fully compatible with LR-4 until Adobe released PS-6 (coming soon, hopefully).  And, because of this, when you exported a picture from LR-4 into PS-5 the adjustments wouldn’t come with it.  Duh!  It hit me right on the forehead!  That was what I saw last night when I exported the celebration picture!  The White adjustment and noise reduction hadn’t followed it into photoshop.  So, if this is a common workflow solution you use, BEWARE!  At least until they update ACR!



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