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Sports and Artsy B&W

Danielle Simon, Portland St Patricks

This photo is from a Regional Championship game at Beal City last week.  Portland St Pats won the game.  The picture is of Danielle Simon standing at the freethrow line, waiting for the ball from the official.  Today I was reading through some of my favorite blogs and ran into a free preset for Lightroom 4 from Nicolesy.  It’s the first preset I’ve seen for the new version of Lightroom (4).  Nicolesy calls this preset  Nicolesy’s Aged B&W Print and it’s a free download.  So, thinking I would try it (I’m a sucker for free), I found this photo in the window of Lightroom after I imported the preset.  I like how it looks, although I’m not sure it would be ‘proper’ for a sports shot.  What do you think?

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