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One game and out!

Hemlock Huskies huddle up before tip-off

Shepherd had a great regular season finishing at 15-5.  They had lost twice to District opponent Hemlock.  With a belief that the third time would be the charm, they battled the Huskies tooth and nail for 48 minutes.

They jumped out to an early lead only to watch it slip away in the second period.  They got close again in the third, but by the end of the period it felt like the game was slipping away again.

But back they game in the fourth period.  They got the game down to a two point difference inside the two minute mark.  Missing a chance to tie it up, the huskies then went on a 5 point run.  That sealed the deal and the Bluejay season was over.  Definitely not for lack of effort.  This was a hard working team.  But that’s the way of the State Playoffs.  If you lose, you go home and your season is over.  A bitter pill to swallow for seniors knowing they will never be on the court again (at least as a high school student).

To close this post out, I do have a complaint to share. With introduction (a number of years back) of the 3 man referee system into high school basketball, came the drastic increase of ‘black & white’ shots.  The baseline official’s ‘duty’ in this system is to move back and forth with the offensive’s movement of the ball.  Well, this is impossible.  Officials cannot keep up with the ball when a team is passing it back and forth trying to get the player’s in a zone defense out position.  Many times it results in the official being put out of position for a contested play.  I see, many times, the official will simple give up and stay close to the paint on one side.  The downside for me is that it’s impossible to position myself so that my line of sight through the lens wont be blocked … very often.  Well, here’s one of many shoots with the official in the foreground.  And, it’s one in which one can still see some of the action.  The playoffs only make it worse as there are more photographers than usual on the baseline.  This makes changing positions difficult, if not impossible.  The worse will be the finals, where I’ll be hoping to get one good shot! You can see the rest of my shots from this game here.

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