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Saginaw Nouvel CC Edges Sacred Heart

Tyler Bohnhoff of Saginaw Nouvel Catholic Central flushes down a dunk early in the game against Sacred Heart Academy.  But, the tone of the first half of the game was set by Sacred Heart showing it’s ability to bring the ball inside.  At the end of the half, they were up two.  But in the second half Nouvel took the lead back early and held on to it to win by four.

Tyler made it tough to score in the paint, shown here contesting a shot by Nicholas Hire of Sacred Heart.  This was my first basketball game in over a month.  It was a lot different then shooting birds on a beach!  The biggest problem was the lack of space.  There was only about 6 feet between the end lines and the walls.  I tried shooting with a 70-200 for a couple of quarters staying outside the paint.  Then would change to a 24-70 and shoot inside the paint.  The 24-70 got me ran over a couple of times by the official in the picture above.  I must say, I’m not a big fan of the 3 referee system.  It lends itself to a lot of blocked shots!  You can see the gallery of images from this game here.

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