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Two Fisherman

Blue Heron

Pulled the camera out of the trunk today in the late afternoon after watching some of the water fowl fishing with the fisherman.  In the shot above, a Great Blue Heron ‘sits’ on the pier near a fisherman.  Any time the pole started to bend, the bird began to get excited as I soon learned that he would share his ‘small’ catches with the Heron.  The Heron was still vary wary of the man and kept his distance, but he seemed to know how close he needed to be to assure his reward.  I took these images (hand held) with a Nikon 200-400 VR II with the 1.4x adapter on my D3s body.  I was shooting in apeture priority, ISO 200 at F5.6.

Brown Pelican

Now, close by was another mouth competing for the same catches.  His ‘trust’ allowed him to be more successful then the heron.  He would actually take fish out of the hands of anyone offering.  The image above is of an adult Brown Pelican in winter plummage.  While the one below is of an immature Brown.  My goal in the next few days is to get a good picture of a dolphin jumping in the water.  In this area of the gulf, they can regularly be seen jumping out of the water at the bow of large tankers entering through the local channel.  Today, as I soon learned, I was too tardy to catch this action.  You can click on this images from a larger view.

Immature Brown Pelican

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