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Tethering from you phone to your computer


So, I downloaded the new iPhone app (which is now not available),  Tether.  It was an expensive app (14.99).  But, I wanted to try it.  I’ve jailbroken my iphone in the past to tether, but haven’t repeated the process with the new 4s.  To use Tether, there are two caveats.  One, you have to connect to your computer via USB (it doesn’t turn your iPhone into a wifi hotspot).  And, two, you have to download a program on your computer that works in combination with the iPhone app.  It took almost forever (2 hours) to get everything downloaded, in place and working.  Their site was not able to handle the initial traffic the release exposed it to.  It seems to work just fine.

So, now I wonder if ATT (or whoever) will sense it and threaten to charge us for it.  I’m so angry over the ‘providers’ charging us per device for access to data as opposed to simply charging us for the data we use!   I hate paying twice for access!

Anyone else trying this out there in the ether?

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