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Revenge can be Sweet!

After losing multiple times in the last four years to East Grand Rapids in the Semi-finals, Mt Pleasant staged a miracle comeback Saturday to get sweet revenge!  They fell behind 21-0 in the first half by giving up a couple of long plays.  Before the half ended they were able to post a TD to get the game back within two scores.  For a second, I contemplated leaving FSU and traveling back to Mt Pleasant to shoot some of the High School Playoff action at CMU.

But having seen Mt Pleasant take over the fourth quarter in a couple of previous games, I stuck around … luckily.  In the third quarter, the Oiler Offense began to bring their pass/run ratio closer to 50/50.  Looking at the two photos above, it began to payoff.

Couple that with Tweh’s ability to make his presence felt in the fourth quarter and it was game on.  The last half of the fourth quarter was crazy as the two teams traded scores late.  At one point the Oilers went for a two point conversion late in the fourth that brought them within one score (8 pts).  And, score it they did!  But, the try for the second, consecutive two point conversion failed, leaving them two points down with a little over 3 minutes to go.  The inevitable onside kick that followed failed and it looked like the lights were dimming for the Oilers.  But, (there’s always a ‘But’ in these stories), the Oilers stopped EGR in three plays. East Grand Rapids tried to sweep the left side three times in a row. Each time the Oiler defense responded leaving EGR with a 4th and 12 at mid-field.   Using their timeouts during this stop, Mt Pleasant got the ball back deep in their own territory with less than 2 minutes left and no times outs.  They were able to successful run their two minute offense down to the EGR 26 yard line with about 30 seconds left.  Lining up quickly, with the clock running, there try for a TD pass into the endzone failed, leaving just 11 seconds on the clock.

With a stopped clock, they hustled their field goal team out onto the field.  Zac Kramer then kicked the ball through the uprights for an apparent victory.  I say apparent because there were still about 5 seconds on the clock.  This would force Mt Pleasant to kick off and the inevitable, never ending lateral plays into the band in the end zone would ensue.  But, after about 4 laterals, the trip to Ford Field was secured.  Congratulations Oilers, your hard work has paid off!  You can see the rest of my pictures from this game here.

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