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It’s all about the celebration!

I was shooting State Volleyball semi-finals at St Louis High School last night when I noticed all the variety of celebrations that the different teams employed for different situations.  That is, there’s one for a kill, a block, an ace and on and on.  It’s crazy.  I don’t know how they keep them all straight!  They also come with different sound effects.  I started thinking about catching them on camera, but couldn’t get my brain to cooperate.  To catch them at their apex one would need to purposely track the team waiting for it to happen (as it happens quickly after the event).  I couldn’t bring myself to give up following the ball for the action.  Doing that, I almost always was too late for the celebration.  The celebration above was at the end of the third game of the match between Morley Stanwood and Saginaw Valley Lutheran.  After have beat the Chargers on two previous dates, the Mohawks had dropped the first two games of the match.  To increase the emotion, the Mohawks had just dropped the second game after being up 20-12!  So, the third game victory proved to be the turning point in the match as the Mohawks won the last two games to advance onto the semi-finals.

The big hitter for Morley was number 9, Alexis Huntey.  She played with incredible enthusiasm, emotionally dragging her team through the low points in the match.  (She plans to be playing at George Washington University next year.)  She also celebrated with incredible emotion.

Here she is following the winning match point, celebrating the hard fought victory with her team.  All this emotion is fun to watch and photograph.  The end of the year playoffs in all sports sure provide a ‘target-rich environment’ in which to shoot!  If you want to see more pictures from this match, check them out here.

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