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Regional Volleyball

Frankenmuth Lady Eagles had a battle for the Regional Volleyball Championship last night with the North Branch Broncos.  After winning the first game by 5, the Eagles dropped the next two.  In these two losses, the Broncos were effectively blocking hits by the Eagles.  I’m not sure if the Eagles made an adjustment or if they got new momentum by getting out to an early lead in the fourth game.  But, the Eagles took an early lead and ran it out to 25 to tie the match up.  In the fifth and final game, they won it going away 15-8.  Both teams were very athletic and evenly matched.  To win this battle, a team needs hitters, diggers and setters.  Both teams were complete in each area.  Three notable hitters (in this match) for the Eagles were; Captain (11) Nicole DeGrace, (7) Madison Mertz and (4) Emily Wee.  These girls could fly!

Their setter, (13) Addie Loftus, was one of the tallest setters I’ve seen this year.  But, she was agile and covered the court well.  Though the Eagle squad was not small, neither did they have any giants.  It will be interesting to see how they do if they run into a team with a big hitter!  You can see all the pictures from this match (with the championship team photo) here.

Now a couple of notes on the tech side.  I’ve run into a couple of new tech ‘toys’ this past week that I would like to share with you and get your feelings about their usefulness.  The first is a new thermostat for your home.  What’s the big deal, you say?  This thermostat has AI, artificial intelligence!  It’s capable of learning your temperature habits.  Now, it won’t work with every hook up.  But, there’s information on the web page that allows you to check your current thermostat and determine whether or not you can use it.  Watching the video, it’s very much like an apple product.  The UI is attractive and very easy to figure out and use.

The second product is very cool.  The Swivl will hold your iPhone (or Droid) while you are recording a video.  What’s so cool about this.  It actually follows you around as it’s recording and your moving!  Now that’s cool, but beyond that I’m not really sure what I would use it for.  It has a $150 price tag, so it would be nice to have a specific use!  It’s not quite available yet, but you can see it at work in the video below.

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