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State Cross Country Meet

This weekend I traveled down to Michigan International Speedway to shoot the Michigan High School Athletic Association’s State Cross Country  Meet.  The lady leading the pack of D4 Cross Country runners is Kirsten Olling from Breckenridge High School at about the half mile point.  (She did end up winning the 5K race with a time of 18:02.7).  This is a perspective of a shot that I saw last year.  Cross Country Coach Rick Cahoon of Shepherd High School shared it with me last year.  It was of Shepherd’s Top Boy’s racer.  I was immediately impressed with the perspective of the shot (and it was shot with a parents cell phone!).  So, I thought about trying to replicate the perspective, but to ‘play’ with dynamics of the photo a little.  Besides the obvious B&W treatment to the background, I ran the Detail option from Topaz’s Adjust 4.  I wish I would have had her a little more centered in the picture, but the runners would get over to the right at this point to handle a rather acute corner.

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