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Chasing the sun

A few days ago, we were experiencing a beautiful, sunny October day here in Mid Michigan.  So, I called my photog buddy (Randy Jones) and asked him if he wanted to head out to the Forest Hills Nature Area to shoot before we loose the sun.  By 5pm, he and I were loaded up and heading out.  All day long there had been nary a cloud in the sky.  But as we pulled into the Nature Area, a solid cloud bank was rapidly rising to meet the sun in the west.  I had not been to the Nature Area in years and was pleasantly surprised to find that it had left it’s Farming look well behind.  I was hoping to do some HDR work, but besides quickly loosing sunlight, it was becoming very windy also.  Wind and HDR don’t go together.  The software will get rid of some of the ghosting from movement.  But, wind introduces a lot of ghosting and silver artifacts.  If you look at the trees above the barn above and to its left you can see the problem.  So, we decided to tromp around and look the area over.

I was captured by the numerous Mildweed plants going to seed.  I played around with several shots, but found it was too windy to do much.  This day of shooting was pretty much lost, but I had re-discovered a place that I wanted to revisit soon.  I could see in my minds eye, the various milk weeds covered with an early frost coat as the sun creeps over the eastern horizon.  Now, if I can only get myself out of my warm bed on the cold morning to capture that scene!



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