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Best laid plans …

I traveled to Michigan’s Upper Pennisula this last weekend. We stayed with friends on their water front property on Sugar Island The Island is located just outside the Soo. I filled the car with a lot of photo gear with expectations of getting many hours of shooting in. Unfortunately I woke up the first morning with a back problem and could not straighten up. It wasn’t a complete loss though. I sweated through about 30 minutes of back pain to take pictures of this log cabin on the property. It was built back in the mid-thirties. As you can see it has had a few additions since then. I wish I would have had the opportunity to shoot the inside, as it too is beautifully finished. Which means I’ll have to return.  This is the front of the cabin. It faces out on the St Mary’s River.It’s an HDR image, made from 5 images.

A quick story.  The river divides the US from Canada.  While at this spot (in Michigan, mind you) the only tower I was picking up was a Roger’s 3g tower in Canada.  ATT promply texted me that it would cost me $15.85 / MB to use this service due to international rates.  Besides the fact that that is incredibly expensive, I’m standing in the U.S. for crying out load (my Dad’s favorite saying), not a foreign country.  Needless to say, I shut off my phone and lost contact with the digital world for a few days.  I’m happy to report I survived, although I’m still not vertical with my back!


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  1. Excellent photo. Hope your back is better.

  2. Thanks Sharon, headed to ‘rehab’ today!

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