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A Game of Inches and Heart

Inches and Heart, two cliches of Football.  This last weekend I shot two high school football games that embraced both of those cliches.  In the Sacred Heart vs Beal City game, the Irish got out to an early lead and extended it by 13 points twice in the game.

Once by a beautiful over the shoulder catch by Nick Hire.  The ball placed just out of the reach of two Aggie defenders.  But the Aggies wouldn’t go silently into the night.  Each time the Irish went up by 13, the Aggies scored on their very next play.  Finally with the game on the line, in the last 30 seconds of the fourth quarter, with a fourth and goal from outside the 20 yard line, Stone Beckwith made a leaping catch in the endzone to put the Aggies ahead for the first time in the game.  The Irish were unable to respond.  Both of these catches exemplify the inches concepts.  Both passes being just out of reach of the defense.

In the other game (Mt Pleasant vs Midland High), Midland had 3 giants in the middle of their line.  All surpassing 6’2″/250.  They took the opening kickoff and drove down the field, stalling out at the 10.  Mt Pleasant, being much smaller, made adjustments and began shooting the gaps to play in Midlands backfield.  They hit harder and longer to make up the size difference!  They played with a lot of ‘Heart’ to make up for the size difference.

Slowly over the course of the game, the oilers built up a lead and defensively shut the Chemics down.  It was a good start for the Oilers, who now have to believe that no matter how big their opponent is, that size along won’t determine the out come of the game!

More pictures from both games can be viewed at this LINK.

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