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Casper Backcountry

My wife and I are out visiting our son in eastern Wyoming.  After a few days of kicking around Casper, Wyoming, we began to look on the state map for a close place to visit that may give some opportunities for pictures.

Water in local rivers are very high in the west due to high snow pack in the Rockies.  The North Platte River snakes through Casper and then travels southwest.  So we headed out of town for a small village called Alcova located about 30 miles from town.  It owns it’s existence to a dam on the river that creates several reservoirs.

The picture at the top shows the first reservoir that’s visible from the main drag.  Downriver is a larger reservoir called PathFinder Reservoir.  To get to it, one needs to travel about 5 miles back off the main road on a smaller road that goes through ‘Free Range’ country.

My wife and I got a kick out of the cows wandering unhindered by fences along the roads.  On a previous ‘Out West’ trip with 18 of my students and fellow teachers, one of our ‘country girls’ announced that these were ‘Wild Cows‘!

The dam, at this point in the summer, still  has an abundance of water pouring down the spillway into the river below.  This is fairly unique, largely due to aforementioned larger than normal snowpack in the mountains this year.  It had several short trails available that provided various vantage points for viewing.

The Prickly Pear Cactus in the area seemed to be making the best of the water abundance by putting up many flowers!  I hope to travel back into this area before I leave.  I’ve learned that there’s is a section of the river farther down from this point (and on the other side of the reservoir) that is referred to as the ‘Miracle Mile’ due to the great fly fishing that can be found there.

The Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo is starting this week.  One of the kick off activities was a Sidewalk Chalk Art competition.

The competition was heavy to children having fun.  But, there were several being worked on that showed promise.  The morning was already hot and the sun harsh.  With those ingredients, I did not envy these artists!  But, they had to be done within 3 hours, so I guess it was survivable!


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