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Red’s Hot Wheels Deux

1939 Dodge Truck

This is Red’s latest project, a ’39 Dodge Truck.  He told me that he actually bought this 30 years ago.  He stored it in his barn until a couple of years ago.

Red had done some interesting work to the back end of the truck, so I thought I would get an elevated shot of it.  I raised my tripod till it was slightly above my head.  With nothing to stand on, I tried to use ‘Liveview’ on the back of my Nikon D3s to focus.  Upon getting the images back to my computer I realized that this image was a tad soft.  I hope I’ve learned an important lesson here … Listen to Red when he offers something to stand on!  What follows is what Red sent me on the evolution of this vehicle:

The newest project is a 1939 Dodge truck.  It started as a 11/2 ton stake bed truck.  I bought it at an auction 30 years ago and it sat in our barn until a couple years ago.  We met some guys from Grand Rapids who had built some similar trucks and decided that is what we wanted to do with it.  I built a custom frame, including an air bag rear suspension,  then we used a reproduction 32 Ford front axle, which is similar to the front suspension on the 29 ford.  The motor is the 283 that we removed from the 1967 Chevy pick-up.  Added a 4 barrel carb, headers, and some other parts to the motor.  The body has been extensively modified.  The top was chopped 4 1/2in. and it was lowered over the frame 4in.(we call that channelled).  I also removed about 4in. of the lower body.  The front grille is the original 39 Dodge truck, we shortened it and used only the top part.  The bed is from a 1936 Ford truck.  It was extremely rusted and dented.  We shortened it 18in.  Which allowed us to cut out the rust.  A few new parts were added to make it look like a pick-up bed.  The gas tank is from a tractor, I bought at a swap meet.  Some people call vehicles like this rat rods.  I don’t like that term, ratty always meant poorly built, and it is not poorly built.  It has a coat of oxidized red paint on the cab and grille.”



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