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I miss the Buick Open

Tiger Woods

Unfortunately it’s going to be a second summer without a visit from the PGA to Michigan.  As a photographer, the Buick Open was a great opportunity to get some quality pictures.  If you went on Pro-Am Day (Wednesday), you could bring your camera and big lens in, no hassel!  For $25 you could photograph some of the biggest names in golf.  It’s not hard to figure out who’s in the picture above.  These pictures are from the last Buick Open, in 2009.  Tiger had hit the ball into the rough and everyone quickly surrounded the ball.  He looked the situation over and probably because it was just a practice round, he decided to attempt to hit it about 180 yards over the trees. What I like about this picture is that you can see everyone behind him looking up to see if the shot would make it over the trees with him.  And, of course, this being Tiger before the big fall, the shot hit the green!

Dan Cleary & Kirk Maltby

Then, there are all the other reasons why this use to be a great opportunity.  Not only were there world class golfers present, but other big name athletes would be there also.  You could always find Red Wings on the links.  This year it was Dan Cleary and Kirk Maltby.  Boy, it was tough to see Cleary get ‘knocked’ out of the seventh game of the second round of the playoffs this year by the ‘little bug’, Jiri Hudler.

Bill Laimbeer & Vinnie Johnson

I’m not a big Pro Basketball Fan, but when a Detroit Team wins multiple Championships, even I take notice.  Of course, it helped that my son and daughter were Piston fanatics!  Above is one of the best elbow throwers and last minute shot makers there are, Bill Laimbeer and the ‘Microwave’ Vinnie Johnson.  Did I say how much fun it was to shoot at this event?  Wow, I’m sure missing it.  And, of course, if you were an autograph seeker most all of the athletes would readily autograph for you on there way to the first tee.  Although, in all the years I went, I can only remember Tiger signing one autograph.  Most of the time I went with a good friend and golf addict, that was an Athletic Director at a near by school.  While hunting down autographs, he got cornered by Channel 5 for an interview.  Instant celebrity!

Please feel free to leave your memories of this grand event that has left our state below.

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