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Spring has Sprung!

Apple Blossum

It’s finally here.  I’ve cut the grass a few times to help it along.  But, today…..  Well, I actually got to wear shorts and was still warm!  Then tonight, after shooting some Irish baseball and softball, I came home and took some time to put up a few screens on the windows.  When walking by the half century old apple tree in the back, I saw the blossoms.  Wow, the color of spring hit me right in the face.  Only about 5% of the blossoms were open but they were gorgeous.  I went back into the house and retrieved my camera.  I slapped the Nikkor Micro 105mm f2.8 on (which I’m still struggling to learn to use) and came out shooting.  The blossoms are high enough off the ground that I had to shoot by hand.  Maybe tomorrow I will take a few down and bring them inside and try out the tripod approach.  But the experience has me drooling for summer!

Want to learn more about photoshop?

Before I end this post, I was reading Scott Kelby’s Blog this morning and saw that they (NAPP, some of the best photoshop teachers there are) are having a FREE, live, online, two hour tutorial next Wednesday, May 18th.  You can register for it here (or catch it later in podcast form).  Oh, did I mention it was FREE!

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