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Late Post Monday!

I’m late!  I had good intentions of getting this post up last night, but ‘Breaking News‘ interrupted.  I was editing my parade pictures when the news of Bin Laden’s death came across twitter (before tv news!).  So, from that point on I was watching the news on TV and follow twitter.  BTW, if you ‘Twitter’, you can follow me on Twitter.  My user name is @veeman60.

The Flags and pageantry earlier in the day seemed to have set the stage.

What a weekend though, eh?  The weather was picture perfect.  The crowds showed up.  And, the parade was awesome!  If you didn’t participate in the 5K run, you missed an opportunity to make good on your New Year’s Resolution ;).  Shepherd Track Coaches, Rick Cahoon and Carey Hammel have built this event into a 500 strong Gala.  Runners from past years and Community members are showing up in larger numbers every year.  The number of adult and student helpers is amazing.  A hearty thanks goes out to all that contributed to this events success.

In reference to the Parade, did this guy scare you?  Boy, he made my heart skip a beat!  Looking through the lens of the camera, I miss a lot of what’s happening on the periphery.  I didn’t see him getting ready to touch of his musket.  Wow!  It reminded me of being up in Fort Mackinac at one of the re-enactment’s.  My 2 yr old daughter was playing on the ground in front of me, unaware of what was going on around her.  When that actor fired his musket, she let out a howl to match it. That’s how I felt yesterday!

Did you catch Firemen Joe Salamey (from Timber Creek) in his new Hot Wheels?  The fire department hopes to use this new vehicle to get into those hard to get to, close spaces.  And, it looks like Joe is up to the task!

And, then there was Queen Danielle, wow!  Looking great, girl!  I see she finally mastered that huge crown!

Finally, can anyone tell me what this thing was?  A farmer’s tri-cycle?  Some people have way too much time on their hands.  More of my pictures from the parade (and the rest of the weekend) are up on my Flickr Account.

Also, up is my newest Links Post.  This is a weekly compilation of interesting web links that I’ve come across over the last week.  Please feel free to share your feelings about the weekend with us below!

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