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Maple Syrup Pizza!

It’s time for the Sap Fest!  So, now you can put Maple Syrup on anything, right?  Well, if not everything, how about Pizza?  Yup, Pizza.  My favorite food. It’s been happening at Timber Creek, in Shepherd, MI for about a year. Now that it’s Maple Syrup Festival Weekend, it’s time to dive in.

Emil Salamey, Owner Timber Creek

Above is Sara Salters, who works for owner Emil Salamey, making some Maple Syrup Pizza.  It’s a regular pizza with some of Shepherd’s own, Maple Syrup, drizzled on the top.  Not too much, just a taste.  Now, I’m not a big fan of Maple Syrup (I know, people are going to be throwing rocks at me on the streets of Shepherd now), but it’s flavor does the Pizza proud.  If you find yourself on the east side of town this weekend, wander into the store and try a slice.  I think you’ll like it.  Besides, where else can you get a piece of Maple Syrup Pizza?  You can brag to all your out of town buddies that it’s the best Maple Syrup Pizza in the world!

Maple Syrup Pizza, Looking Good!

After taking pictures of the Pizza making, I drove on west through town.  Ok, I went down a block.  There I found a sign in the middle of the road that makes it’s way there every year.  At least I’ve seen it for the past 36 years that I’ve been in Shepherd.

If you’re not familiar with the Festival in Shepherd, it’s the first big outing of the year here in the north country for some RV people and their groups.  They bring their rigs to the little town of Shepherd and park them on the sides streets.  Many of them have come to sit in front of the same houses for years.  There’s a registration fee of five dollars for this.  Although I don’t believe anyone is checking on this.

For registering your RV you receive a ‘Welcome’ bag full of goodies.  I’m told by Kathy Shepherd that this year, for the first time, registrants also receive a badge of sorts to post in the windows of their vehicles that identifies them as ‘Official’!

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