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Maple Syrup Festival Time

It’s almost here!  The buckets are off the trees, the grass has turned green and it is showing some signs of spring!  Can’t you just taste those elephant ears!  I was out walking with my wife for a walk on Sunday afternoon and saw that some of the rides had already made it to town down by the tracks.  Talking about it with her, we decided that they come this early to whip the town kids into an early frenzy.  Then later, talking to Mr Cahoon, he also reminded me about how much work gets done this week with the students bouncing around the classroom in anticipation.  A lot of them trying to find out who has tents, so they can spend the whole weekend in town.

I can almost taste the sausage now.  I don’t eat sausage usually, but Maple Syrup sausage – there’s nothing like it!  The pancakes are Ok, but I’d rather not take up space in my stomach when there’s that great sausage to be had.  It’s been another good year for syrup.  The buckets were up collecting syrup for a long time.

If you are carrying your camera around with you this weekend (even the one in your pocket that you text with), you can share your pictures online with us.  Jon Morgan created a group on Flickr for our pictures.  The group is called … wait for it .. wait for it ..  Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival!  Another way to keep up with all the happenings is Twitter.  If you happen to tweet, some of us will be posting updates using the hashtag #smsf53.  Also, the Facebook daily newspaper that Jon Morgan writes, Shepherd Today, will be using the hashtag #shprdtdy to post updates.  That second hashtag is good any day of the year if you want to follow the happenings in our sweet little town.  If you don’t know how to aggregate tweets using these hashtags or how to post using twitter, don’t be afraid to ask me.  I’ll be glad to help you.

If you don’t have a Flickr account, they are free and easy to set up.  In fact, you can use your Facebook, Yahoo or Gmail Login to set up the account.  Then just search for the Shepherd group (Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival) and start sharing your picts! The Festival proves to be a target rich environment for photogs.  Just a walk around town usually fills up a card or two!

Picture of the Week

I might be calling this Picture of the Week (POW) too early.  There is still a lot of week left.  By the way, I’m making a rule change for the POW this week.  Any Festival pictures this weekend will count for next week’s POW (since it will take me a couple of days to edit all of them!).  Ain’t the look on Ms Davis’ face priceless?  Even Ms Kirby in the background is a little nervous suspecting a collision.   The girl’s had been working on these ‘tweeners‘ (Coach Lentz’s terminology) the past week or so.  That’s those popups between the infield and outfield.  It looks like it paid off in that there are plenty of body’s there.  Next task, calling for the ball and following the rules of who’s ball it is.  But, hey, this is a great start.  A coach can work with a problem like too many girl’s hustling to the ball on the play!


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  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ll be following you via FB, I don’t get the whole twitter thing. I’m excited to see the photos & hear/read the stories of this years festival.

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