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Out of My Element

Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photowalk (a yearly event) gets me out of my element.  Stretches me in ways I’m not comfortable with.  The pictures in this post are from the 2009 World Wide Photowalk.  It was the first one.  I found it on Kelby’s Blog, one of my regular reads.  It was there in early 2009, he announced his idea.  I think it quickly got bigger than he had anticipated.  The exponential growth of his idea was indicative of how widely his blog is read.  The idea was to have groups of 10-20 photographers gather with a Kelby proclaimed ‘Leader’ and  have a photo walk in various cities on the same day.  There is no cost to the participants.  At the end of the event, the group would all meet up in a nearby restaurant to eat, talk and Chimp at each others photos.  Later, the particpants would upload their favorites to Flickr and share their best with their cities group (on Flickr).

Given a scene to make a photo of, I feel fairly comfortable figuring out the correct exposure.  But, when walking around with 15-20 people, trying to compose a ‘unique’ picture, I’m typically out of my comfort zone.  But, it’s good for me, right?  A learning situation. You know, it’s that practice, practice, practice thing.

So, I joined the Lansing group (Link of where we shot in Lansing) along with another photog friend of mine, Randy.  We arrived early in the morning and had till noon to walk around the area and find things to shoot.  Then we would meet at a close by restaurant for lunch.  Besides shooting, the walking around and talking to other photogs was great!  I would highly recommend it.  That is, find a few people that are interested in going somewhere in your area with a few friends and shoot for a few hours.  You might learn something or just start looking at the environment around you differently.  The lunch might of been the best part.  Sitting at a table with lots of other photographers of various experience levels, one can get a look into a variety of worlds!  I couldn’t believe that some of those people had been on the same walk as me!  Where had they taken some of the pictures at!  Wow!  Needless to say, I didn’t win.  But, I did win from the experience alone!

This year’s World Wide Photowalk is October 1st or 2nd (each group can determine which date they will use). You can see what cities around you have groups on Kelby’s site.  It looks like there are a lot of cities in Michigan this time around.  There’s a couple in Lansing and several in interesting places up north.  As of now, I’m hoping to get into one of the ones up by Traverse City with my buddy, Randy.  Oh, and did I mention that there are prizes!  Check out the site and watch the prize list grow.  Also, realize that there are groups all over the planet.  So, one can take a great shot, but it also has to be very unique to get noticed. I mean, some groups are in pretty exotic places around the world.   So, let’s go get noticed!

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