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Light Post Friday!

Since I posted yesterday, I have been busy shooting and editing play pictures almost continuously. So, I decided to put up a couple of pictures from a few years back.  When digging these pictures out (it’s always interesting to go back and re-edit pictures using new skills and software), I discovered that they were taken with my first Digital SLR.  It was a 6mb, Nikon D100.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality this crop sensor delivered!  This is the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. The visit there took place during a 2003 trip my wife and I took to Italy with a group of high school students.  This village, Assisi (located in central Italy) was one of our stops during a 10 day tour of the country.

The picture below was taken when I went out for a walk one morning on my own.  This little village had numerous hilly, narrow alleys.  I found this calico sitting on the porch in one of these alleys.  Of course, he couldn’t wait to have his picture taken and instead decided to walk off.

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