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There’s a new Show in Town!

Full Stage ShotI know it’s only Thursday and I said that I was only going to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but it’s about to happen!  The first High School Play in the new Auditorium.  I attended the first Dress Rehearsal for Cinderella last night and it was very impressive.  There’s a lot to take in.  If you look in the foreground of the picture above, one can see a live orchestra in the ‘pit‘.  That’s a big production to take on. But, the Devine Mrs ‘M’ (Mrs McLoughlin) has great help with Mrs Bleecker (stage art) and Mrs Peasley (Orchestra).Hollie Dickman playing Cinderella

This production of Cinderella is a musical.  Cinderella is played by freshmen Hollie Dickman.  There is no ‘Freshmen’ in this young lady though, she has great stage presence and is delightful to watch and hear sing.  Christopher is played by sophomore Glen Parker. I’ve known Glen for several years as an athlete.  I was impressed with the work he presents on the stage.  These two make a wonderful pairing for this play.  You can see the chemistry!  Now, I know you realize that I’m not a theater critic.  But, I was impressed with this production (and it’s only there first dress rehearsal!).  You too will find wonder as the transformative magic of Cinderella takes place!Glen Parker as ChristopherSome of the other notable characters in the play are Amy Henderson as the Fairy Godmother, Virginia Martinez as the Stepmother, Veronica Carey and Melissa Jorgensen as the Stepsisters, and Josh Cline and Chelsea Husted as the King and Queen.Amy Henderson as the Fairy GodmotherAs usual, you can click on any of the images and see a larger version on my Smugmug site.  Also, there’s about 65 more images there from Wednesday night’s Dress Rehearsal.  The Play will take place this Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm.  As a bonus, the 2011 Maple Syrup Queen and her Court will be presented at Sunday’s production.  You can buy tickets at the school Box Office from 3:30-5:30 today and tomorrow.  The Box Office is located at the west entrance (between the Auditorium and Gymnasium).


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  1. SUPER PHOTOS! I wish I had half your talent =) My 6 year old is attending the play with her Grandma; she is SO excited!

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