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Victoria Street

This is Victoria Street.  It is located here, in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It is one of the streets that we used when we walked from our Hotel to the Royal Mile.  It’s located at the north end of the Grass Market.  Now that I’m home (and looking at the picture), I wish that I would have taken it at dusk so that I could have light illuminating the windows of the various store fronts.  The problem with that idea, was there would also be a ton of people walking along the sidewalks obscuring the store fronts.  Although, that might be better than harsh light and cars here.  As you look down the street (toward the end closest to the Grass Market) there is a fairly steep hill.  That also, may have been a more interesting shot (except there always seemed to be more people at that end).  Either way, I really like the old architecture and the great colors on the front of the buildings.

A quick note on the Photoshop World Conference that I just returned from.  My experience was not what I expected.  That is, I went down to it expecting to pick up a lot of information that improve my editing skills.  I did do some of that.  But, what was unexpected, there were so many quality professional photographers there, that I am now motivated to try some new types of photography.  But, more on that on Wednesday.  Please feel free to comment on the picture, especially if you’ve been to this area before!

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