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Edinburgh, The Miracle Mile

This is a picture of an ‘alley’ on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  It is called ‘AnchorClose’  It is a walkway of sorts that goes between the buildings, allowing a short cut of sorts to the next street over.  It also gives access to entryways into the building bordering the Close.  We spent a couple of days walking around this magnificent area.  As you can see in this picture, it had recently rained.  Just a brief shower.  But, it did wonders for this picture.  It allowed me to bring out the depth in the rocks lining the building.  A little bit of sunlight was beginning to shine through and was hitting the building at the of end of the Close drawing the viewer eye down through the Close.  This is an HDR image, using 3 different images, each having a different exposure value.  The picture would have been a ‘home run’ for me if the two nearest lamps would have been lit.  You can see a third lamp further down the Close is lit.  Again, I shot it hand held.  Wish I would have had my tri-pod, but it would have been a pain carrying it around all day walking up and down the hills on the Royal Mile!

The picture of the Telephone Booth is in the same area, but not technically in the Royal Mile.  It was located in an area called ‘The Grass Market’ that we walked through to get to the Royal Mile.  That’s my son, Aaron and his girl friend, Alona inside looking out.  They’re smiling for the camera, but they told me later that it smelled badly of Pee inside and were holding their breath!

I’m flying out to Florida for the rest of the week for a conference (Photoshop World).  I hope to be able to post some of the happenings from there, here or on my Tech blog (over on Posterous).

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