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Riding the Rail in Scotland

This beautiful, old stone building is the train station for Dunkeld and Birnam, in Scotland.  This last October my family and I traveled to Scotland to witness my niece’s marriage in the sleepy village of Birnam.  We had ridden the train from Edinburgh, which is about a two and a half hour ride from London.  Once at the station, one still has about a half mile walk ahead of them into the town.  My brother-in-law (father of the Bride), rescued us from this trek and drove us into Birnam, but, we did (with all our ‘worldly possessions’) make the trek back to the station a few days later to depart for London.

This is an HDR image.  Unfortunately, its a ‘hand held’ shot.  The result of that choice is a considerable amount of ‘ghosting’ in the leaves in the foreground.  It’s made up of  three shots, each two stops apart.  Since I’m using a Nikon D3 for the image, I actually had to take five  shots and throw out the middle two.  When shooting in the Bracketing mode with Nikon bodies, you are restricted from shooting consecutive images more than a stop apart.  I processed it in PSCS5.  Below, is the trackside platform where we disembarked from the train.  I hope to share more pictures from this trip.  My public (Facebook) commitment to putting up a picture a day is forcing me to finally process the rest of the images from this trip!


3 Responses

  1. Hello Mr. Vigneault,

    You photos are just amazing! Thank you for sharing them and do you ever put them in print for orders?


  2. Sorry, I just figure out how to get in to order.

  3. No problem. Glad you enjoy my fun 😉

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