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Yellowstone National Park

Lamar Valley, Yellowstone N.P.

Yellowstone, my absolutely favorite place in the Rockies.  Back in October of 2009, I participated in Moose Peterson’s Basecamp.  Basecamp is where seven or eight photographers pay to tramp around in Yellowstone and photography the scenery and animals with Moose, his wife and ocassionally his sons.  I had visited Yellowstone over a dozen times up to this experience, but still managed to see things I hadn’t seen before and learn a lot of new ‘stuff’ about the photography business.  I shot just under 3000 images and when I returned home found little time to edit them.  Now that I’m retired from teaching, I’m working my way through them.  I was motivated to do so by a Scott Kelby post in his blog.  He had gone back in his images a few years and started re-editing them, using newer, more powerful software and techniques that he had learned since he first shot them.  When I had took these, I had been using an older version of photoshop.  Now, my first steps in editing images happens in Lightroom.

Bad Boy

I find that this program gives me greater, yet more subtle control over my photos.  I still use Photoshop, but only when I find that there is something I want to do and can’t do it in Lightroom.  I also use several plugins for these programs that I didn’t have back then.  Also, most of shots, I take bracketed frames in case I want to use an HDR treatment later.  Now, unfortunately, I didn’t shoot these images with the intention of using them for HDR.  That limits me to just a one frame HDR treatment.  That severely limits the potential of this treatment.  Oh well, I plan to be back there this year and will be sure to shoot a lot of HDR!  I hope to post shots from my trip ever so often here over the next month or so.  The photograph of the Elk above and the one below of a Big Horn Sheep were taken in the northerwestern part of the park, but by Mammoth Hot Springs.

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