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Bluejays and Winter Blues

Avery Hohlbein concentrates for a freethrow.

Avery concentrates for a freethrow.

Varsity Boy’s Basketball team played the mid-winter league Cross Over Game.  Since they are in second place (with one league loss) in the central division, they played Bridgeport, who is in second place in their division.  The last game with Bridgeport I remember is the lost in the Regional Finals two years ago.  The Jay’s lead most of the game, but never by more than 5 points.  With about 90 seconds left, Bridgeport took a 5 point lead.  With about 10 seconds on the clock, the Jay’s whittled it down to 3 with possession of the ball.  But it wasn’t to be and we went down again in a hotly contested game.

Pom Squad performed at half time.

Pom Squad performed at half time.

As a bystander, it appeared that missed free throws in the last quarter cost us dearly.  But now it’s time to put that game in the past and contend for a league championship!

At half time of the game, I got my first chance to see the 2011 Pom Squad perform.  The routine they used was one that would be performed at their first competition the next day.  It appeared flawless and was full of high energy.  Great job, ladies!

Winter Trees at Dow Gardens

Following the snowfall Friday night, Randy Jones (fellow Shepherd photog) and I traveled over to Midland, to Dow Gardens, hoping to find some great scenery for some photography practice.  On the way, we stopped at Meier Camera Shop to view pictures displayed in Jerry Meier’s (Owner of the Meier Camera Shop),  Artist of the Month Gallery.  This month they are featuring a Midland Photographer (Bruce Schneider).  If you are over that way, take time to check his work out.  What he does with light is truly amazing!

Besides finding it very cold at Dow Gardens (yes, I’m a whimp), the light was terrible.  It was dark and gray.  I had been counting on the weatherman to come through with his prediction of afternoon sun.

Photographer, Randy Jones of Shepherd.

Randy Jones

So, as you can see from the photo of the trees, there just wasn’t much light to play with.  I thought that maybe by working an HDR Effect, I would be able to bring some life to the scene, but there was no saving light in this afternoon’s future!

On Sunday, with the sun shining and the skies deep blue, I decided to put on my Snowshoes for the first time this year.  Actually, I needed to get a run in, but the roads were too slippery for this old man!  With the fresh snow pushing the total on the ground to about 12 inches, I headed over to the newly named Maple Creek Golf Course.  The work of walking in Snowshoes was tougher then I remembered!  I was into a good sweat in no time.  It was beautiful on the course and shortly I was rewarded.  The scene of 8 deer running across the open field in front of me and a Pileated Woodpecker working the trees along the river was more than reward enough.  The nicest surprise though, was to find how far the construction has come along on the new building up by the parking lot.  In my 35 years in Shepherd, I’ve seen the course change owners a number of times.  I hope these owners are able to find success, as it certainly would benefit the Shepherd community!

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