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Scrimmage means Opening Day Close!


I traveled down to Alma College’s turfed stadium today to watch the varsity test out their toughness against several different teams.  The players acted happy to final get a chance to hit an opponent as opposed to their buds! I took a few shoots to get into the groove again.  You can see what I shot in the galleries.

IMG_0356On the way home from the scrimmage, I went by the new football stadium to find the new goal posts going up.  Pretty exciting stuff!  They even have the little red flags on top of the poles so that our kicker can make adjustments for any wind that may be flowing through the stadium.  The new layout of the stadium is bound to change coin flip strategies at the beginning of games.  The old field tended to have a team either going with or against the prevailing winds.  Whereas, the new layout will lend itself to a cross wind most of the time.

IMG_0358If you haven’t had a chance to sneak a peek, there will be a beautiful block stone entry with ticket booths as opposed to the old plywood shed we’ve used in the past.  It’s almost done.  Looks like it needs just the roof over the structure to finish it off.  They were also putting the finishing touches on the cement around the concessions/locker room building at the north end of the stadium.  You can see video of the construction on my Facebook page.  If you can’t see it, you probably need to “friend” me!  Don’t want to use Facebook?  Check out the video on my Vimeo site.

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