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Cross Country Camp ’09

Cross Country Camp '09Forty-eight runners were putting their miles in.  The Boys were preparing to defend their State Championship.  The Girl’s were preparing to start a new trek toward a league championship.  Past champions were their to run and share their championship experiences with the new teams.  And, oh yeah, they were having a ton of fun! So it was, when I arrived in camp on the third day of Cross Country Camp ’09.

XCcamp09-146I’m not sure how Coach Cahoon puts it all together.  I’ve taken as many as 17 kids outwest camping and it took me a year to put that together with the help of 5 other teachers.  But 48 teenagers, wow, I’m impressed.  Of course, he gets help from a great staff.  First of all, Mandy, hXCcamp09-403is wife was there (along with the ‘wildcard’, Bryce!).  Carrie Hammel and Travis Balzer help out.  Then, there’s Dave Brandt, or should I say Master Chef Dave!  When I arrived he was finishing up cooking grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.  I say finishing up – with 48 kids that’s a two hour event!  And, without skipping a beat he was preparing dinner.  He quickly grabbed 3 or 4 recruits from the crowd and had them cutting up veggies, while he and another young recruit got the hamburger ready for a team fav, spaghetti meal!

XCcamp09-68While all the food eating and preparing is going on, there is a 3 hour volleyball game in progress down on the beach.  About 3:30 pm, it breaks into a football game (scattering sunbathers in every direction).  Last I heard, the volleyball score was 85-12.  The football game ended up tied, only because I had to quit on them and get my ‘fair skin’ out of the sun’!XCcamp09-304

The team had gotten up early to run on this gorgeous sunny day at Young State Park.  Now, at 5 pm they had to do a few miles to earn their dinner.  No one went away  hungry due to the good planning of the Master Chef!  After cleaning up the dishes, they all headed into town to take in some ‘diet’ Ice Cream.  I would guess that everyone slept well following a day like that!  Check out more picts in the galleries.  BTW, the football pictures were shot by guest photographer Caleb.  After about a 10 second lesson on the ins-and-outs of a proffessional DSLR he showed no fear ripping off over 400 images!  I managed to cull out about 10 great shots!  I think we have the beginnings of a new ‘SI’ shooter!  Enjoy!

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