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Football begins it’s 100th Year!

beachcamp09-62It’s true.  This will be the 100th season of Football at Shepherd.  It begins with a journey to the shores of Lake Huron, at Harbor Beach.  Thirty-eight varsity football players will embark on this journey.  Coach Creguer will guide them through his second season as Head Coach.  Harbor Beach is the Coach’s ‘old stomping grounds’.  As I stood down at the beach Sunday night helping out with the marking of the practice field, Coach Creguer introduces me to a couple of his high school buds that come riding in to see what the excitement was in this quiet town.beachcamp09-23

The team will sleep at a camp ground that has a large green barn-like building.  The players set up their beds upstairs in a large open room.  They will eat (downstairs) food prepared by Coach’s Aunt and several of the players’ parents who have made the trip over to the Thumb (only Michiganders would understand this description).beachcamp09-7

Coach has two rules for setting up the sleeping quarters.  Players must alternate their beds senior then junior, then senior, etc.  And, only seniors are allowed to have fans.  After eating dinner and setting up sleeping quarters, Coach Creguer has a ‘skull session’ with the team.  They begin writing plays and positional assignments in their play books.

This is followed by ritualistic signing of shirts.  beachcamp09-92First every player signs the back of every other player’s shirt as a commitment to that player (TCOEO).  Once a players complete this task, the coaches verify that all have signed and sign the front of their shirts.

Once the ritual is complete, the players settle down and get ready for a 5am – 1.5 mile jog to the beach.  This is a warm up for a 45 minute grueling workout in the beach sand.  This work out regularly causing several players (and this year even a coach) to ‘lose their cookies’.  The workout is terminated just in time to watch the sun make it’s first appearance of the day on the ‘Sunny-side of the State’.  A few pictures of the team on the dock are grabbed and then they jogged back to camp for breakfast.beachcamp09-80

This is how the 100th season began.  Judging from the enthusiasm, it looks to be a successful season.  This season will also see the Bluejays open their home campaign in a new stadium.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat!  I’m running a little contest for the next couple of weeks.  The winner will be the first person who can name the most former head coaches (in order) of past Bluejay teams.  The prize will be an 8×10 of any photo from this Football season.  Send your entry, by email to veesphotos@gmail.com.

I have some video from Harbor Beach.  I’ll try to get it posted here in the next few days.  Enjoy!


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  1. Mr. Vee… when will all the pics from beach camp be up? Thanks!

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