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New Trend?

Hand held at .3 sec, f22, 200 ISO

Hand held at .3 sec, f22, 200 ISO

I took the picture above during a 12 mile hike up to Lawn Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I was looking to get a silky look in the water, but didn’t have a tripod with me at the time.  So, I steady the camera in my hand on a large rock.  I found that this is the slowest shutter speed I could acquire and keep the rock in the foreground in acceptable focus.

I’ve decided to broaden the focus of my blog (and then hopefully blog more often).  I tend to look and listen for new web sites often.  I thought it would be interesting to share some of them here (as well as my photos).  For example, I found out about a fun, new social type of site this week.  It’s called Hunch.  If you haven’t played with it, you are in for some fun (that is if you like learning more about yourself!).  The site asks you as series of questions (that you can choose to answer or skip).  Then, based on your answers, you can ask it questions and it will give you answers and tell you how confident of it’s answer it is.  The more questions you choose to answer the more accuracy it will likely have!  For example, I asked what type of pictures I should practice taking next and it said flowers with 61% confidence.  Like I said, it not always right 😉  Check it out and let me know about your experience with it.

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