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First Creds!

Shepherd's Semi-finals VictoryThe picture above is made up of three shots that didn’t make it into the newspaper from this years Baseball Semi-Finals game.  This was the first time I was able to get into a game with credentials.  It was really quite exciting for me.  I owe a big thanks to Dick Bolton (photographer for the Morning Sun).  When central Michigan landed 3 area teams in the Semi’s (Mt Pleasant, Beal City and Shepherd), and they were all playing on the same day, the paper needed an extra photographer to help them cover all three games.  Dick had opened doors for me in the past to shoot Shepherd’s crowning of the Homecoming Royalty for the paper. Since I hadn’t screwed that up too badly,  Dick called me and asked me if I would like to help them out – “Are you kidding?”, I said!  Over came Dick with credentials to enter the dugouts during the game and a two page typed out explanation of what I was to do, how I was to do it, where I was to do it and when I was to do it!  Most of it I was familiar with, but since this was my first time – I read it over and over and over (well, you get the picture!).

I shot about 400 images that Friday.  A lot of that is due to shooting 9 frames a second on action photos. I submitted 5 images.  The paper ended up printing two of them.  One of those made the front page (WooHoo!).  The three above, are the others that I submitted.

Shooting the game went fairly smoothly for me.  The tense part came when I went up into the press box to upload my pictures.  I plugged in my card reader so I could download my images, opened up Adobe Lightroom on my computer and nothing happened.  I disconnected the card reader and then reconnected it, and still – no images.  I started to panic – my life began flashing before my eyes.  Well, not really – but I was getting more frustrated by the moment.  In the end, another photographer loaned me his card reader.  I always bring a backup body with me, now I will also have a backup card reader!

As a bonus (since we won the semi’s), I was able to use the credentials to shoot the state championship game (which of course we won!).  Dick shot that game for the paper, so I was just there to have fun.  It was a great opportunity and I loved every minute of it.  Besides the shooting images, I had the best seat in the park!

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