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Spirit Week was a Success!

compositesmSpirit week was successful on many accounts.  Bluejays were winners in most of the games this week, students dressed everyday wild outfits, and the weekending Spirit assembly was a blast!  Friday was the last varsity home basketball games of year.  Following a win by both the boys and girl’s teams, the seniors cut down the net!  Channel 9&10 News recorded parts of both games and aired them on TV that night.  With the Boy’s win over the Panthers, they are now 14-1.

Congratulations go to the Student Council for putting together and orchestrate the weeks activities.  Paige and Nathan worked their butts off (along with their support staff).  Be sure to thank them (if there still conscious!).

I visited the bowling team down at the 300 Bowling Ally in Alma on Saturday.  I tried to take some pictures of them in action.  I was able to get an angle on the boys, but due to the low lighting – I shot nothing worth posting.  The girl’s I couldn’t even get close to.  Bowling Alleys were definitely not set up with the idea that someone might want to watch the activity (or for that matter photograph it!).

The Wrestling team had their team districts in OE on Saturday.  At post time, I still haven’t heard the results.

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