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Pom’s Annual Guy – Girl

_hbv4316It was a great week.  The boy’s basketball team won two more to take their record to 12-1.  The Girl’s won their second crossover game against our favorite team to beat, the Ithaca Yellowjackets.  Let’s see, that makes Cross Country, Football and now Basketball.  I can’t wait til we pay them back in Baseball!

And then on Friday, at halftime of the varsity basketball game, Pom put on it’s annual Guy-Girl Routine.  It was a 50s gaila and as you can see above they had fun with it.  Only one problem, at the end of the routine they all pose in a group for the camera guy … and, well, he had the wrong lens.  No picture.  Sorry about that.  But, I got lots of other pictures from the event.  Check them out in the gallery or in the Animoto Video (below) If you would like a DVD hires copy of the video, see Mr Vee.

I was hoping to get to the Bowling Match on Saturday.  But, I had a prior commitment – a date with my wife.  I promise I’ll get out to one of your matches … soon.

Other galleries put up this week include Varsity Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball games.  Check them out in the galleries.

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