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White Out Keeps the Jays Undefeated!

The White OutThe Blujay faithful provided a ‘loud’ storm of white tonight.  It worked, it propelled the boy’s basketball team past undefeated (in league) Swan Valley, keeping the Jay’s record perfect at 6-0.  After leading by as many as 9 points the whole game, the Jay’s gave up the lead somewhere around the 3 minute mark.  But the Jay’s kept on battling.  Little or no scoring occurred until the 1 minute mark, when the steals and fouls gave the Jays the lead for good.  With the help of the white out, the gym was rocking like it hasn’t done for years.  The noise propelled the Jays to great defensive plays by multiple players, which lead to the turnovers that lead to the points.  Neil Zalud finished the night with 18 points and Greg Silverthorn tallied 13.

Earlier in the day, coaches Balzer and Creguer, along with Mr Gross made good on a bet.  They had bet the student body that they couldn’t raise 1500 dollars back in December, to help the Shepherd Fire Dept with their purchase of Christmas presents for needy families.  Well, the students did their part so the ‘boys’ dressed up as ‘girls’.  Specifically, they impersonated Charlie’s Angels.  Below they strike the famous pose.  Ain’t they sexy?

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