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Bluejays Sweep Alma…Again!

Big John keeping an eye on his boys.

Big John keeping an eye on his boys.

All levels of Basketball teams, both boy’s and girl’s beat Alma last week.  It’s been along time since that happened!  The victories were not squeakers either.  All were double digit.  The varisty teams will have their first home games of the new year later this week.  As you can see from the pictures in the galleries the Bluejay Faithful were having fun and into the game.  So, you won’t want to miss this home opener – come dressed to impress!

Most of the Alma Basketball pictures were took without the aid of a flash this week.  Check out the results and let me know what you think.  The advantage of shooting without a flash is that I can shoot burst (multiple shots per second)  and increase my chances of catching the critical moments.  The disadvantage of shooting without a flash is that you have to up the ISO (I was shooting anywhere from 3200 to 6400).  With those high ISOs you don’t get great saturation in the colors and the grain is greatly increased.  I’m not sure that the tradeoff is worth it.  As of press time, I only have the varsity galleries up.  I was late to the girl’s game and only shot a few pictures with the flash.  In the Alma gym, even with the flash, my results were not great.

I also shot the second and third round of Wrestling Tournament at Shepherd.  The grapplers won the first two rounds and lost the third.  I hope to have those pictures up next.  Check out the galleries.  Enjoy!

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