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Boy’s off to a fast 2-0 start!

_hbv9481The Boy’s varsity basketball team won their second game of this young season Friday night against Chesaning.  They got off to a double digit lead in the first quarter and then pretty much held on to that lead the rest of the night.  The game was fast paced and hectic.  I tried shooting it (and the girl’s game) without flash (as I didn’t know how Chesaning viewed using flash in their gym).  The lighting was poor (marginally better than our cave).  One advantage, they had doubled the number of lights over the baskets at both ends.  But, I still could only manage a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second.  That resulted in most most action shots being trashed!  The results that survived are still only marginal at best.  Take a look in the galleries and let me know what you think.

The Girl’s lost by double digits to Chesaning.  It seems that most of their points come off their forcing turnovers in the neutral zone (sounds like hockey, eh?).  The speed of their guards seems to unmatched by most teams.  If we could hit a few more 3’s I believe it would open our half court game and give opponents a world of trouble.  Currently, they seem to just back down into the point to double up on our post players.  I feel good things are about to happen for them, as their juniors become seasoned players!

As of posting this blog, I haven’t posted the girl’s picts yet, but they should be up later today.  And, hopefully I’ll find time to make an animoto video of this weeks best picts!

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