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Winter Sports are about to begin!

Varsity Basketball ScrimmageIt looks like it’s finally here!  After celebrating a State Championship for the Boy’s Cross Country Team, we’ve had to wait a few weeks for competition to return to Shepherd.  The girl’s varsity basketball team scrimmaged Vestaburg in the Middle School gym Wednesday night.  I took the opportunity to try to shoot some of the event without a flash on my Nikon D3.  Shooting from 3200 to 6400 ISO I shot burst of 6-10 shots at a time.  The result?  Well, I like being able to shot burst with the fast action of Basketball, but the saturation definitely suffers.  However, the middle school gym is definitely better lit than the high school.  When I shoot in the high school gym (can you say ‘cave’?) without a flash, only one out of ten shots is worth looking at.  Feel free to comment below on how you think these shots turned out.

As far as the scrimmage… the girl’s team is definitely more physical.  Against Vestaburg they played an ‘in-your-face‘ style.  The result?  Many turnovers turned into lay ups for the Lady Jays.  This year should be fun to watch.  Get your tickets early!  Go to the Galleries to see more pictures of the Lady Jay’s scrimmage.

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