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Will the New Track be ready?

Current Stasis of new field

Current Stasis of new field

Above in a panoramic shoot of the new Veteran’s Memorial Field. You can see a larger version on my Flickr site (just click on the picture).  The big question is, will we be able to hold our first track meet in about 20 years on this new complex next spring?  I believe the answer is no.  It will not be ready.  It’s too bad, as I’m sure the current seniors were holding on to hope that they would be the first ones to compete on the new facility.  But, they will be like so many seniors before them and only have away track meets.  It’s been a long time coming and it will wonderful when it does happen (2010?).  With it will come welcomed problems though.  It takes a lot volunteers to put on a track meet and we haven’t had to ask for that kind of help in a long time.  So, hopefully, a lot of past runners will show up to make sure the first home meet comes off like a celebration!

Last game celebration on Veteran's Memorial Field

Last game celebration on Veteran

Above is a shot from the top of stands following the Chesaning game.  As the football team gathered in the center to celebrate a victory (last varsity game on the field), the band surrounded them and played the fight song.  Coach Creguer invited all alumni out onto the field to celebrate the occasion.  There is a larger version of the picture available in the Chesaning gallery.  (Is that the McGuire’s coming on the field – bottom left?  Late as usual!).

Cross Country competes in Regionals at Carson City today (it’s Saturday as I write this – I’m trying to get this done before I leave for Yellowstone!.  The Boy’s will be going after a Regional win (as they are  ranked 3rd in the state last I heard).  Josh and Jordan helped the teams enjoy their ‘5 minutes of fame‘ at the Pep Assembly of Friday.  Both might have a future job in Public Speaking as they did their teams proud!

Friday night we were at WAR!. You can see the seniors dressed for battle at the right (Sergant Creguer is the guy in full dress in the middle!).  The varsity football team defeated the Ithaca Yellowjackets in the rain 25-14.  It was a old time battle, as the lead changed a couple of times.  But, with the help of a safety and a fumble in the end zone, the bluejays put up their 5th victory, giving them the first winning season since the 2005 season.  They won’t make the playoffs this year, be we still celebrate a spirited season.  Great job gentlemen!

I have lots of photos to put up yet (assemblies thru volleyball games).  I won’t be able to put them up till I get back from Yellowstone.  I hope to put up some posts as to my activities in the National Park next week.  So stay tuned and someone watch my students for me!

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