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XC Boys take strangle hold on 1st!

Running to Victory at Ovid Elsie

Running to Victory at Ovid Elsie

The Boys’ Cross Country Team finished first at the second TVC League Jamboree held at Ovid Elsie. It was a hot day (as far as cross country goes) and the footing was suspect at best as they ran around a corn field on the first loop of the race.  A victory should have been experienced at Shepherd, but unfortunately, due to ‘technical difficulties’, it didn’t happen (see previous post).  The boy’s had also finished first at the only other TVC League Jamboree this year.  In both cases, Alma finished second behind the Bluejays. There is one jamboree left.  It will be held a week from Tuesday at Bullock Creek.  The harriers can seal the deal with a first or second place finish.  This last week at OE, Josh Kyser finished first for Shepherd, closely followed by Caleb Rhynard and David Silversmith.

On the ladies side of the ledger, the Bluejays are slowly climbing the ladder.  Missing one of their top 5 runners at Ovid Elsie, the girls finished 5th.  But, two runners are challenging for the top spots in the league.  Teha Ames and Jordan McGuire finished 2nd and 4th overall at the TVC Jamboree.  It seems that every week these two are carving minutes off of their time.  If you haven’t had or taken the chance to watch these ladies run, you’re missing a treat.  They have responded well to Coach Cahoon’s challenge this year.  Way to go ladies!  Keep up the hard work.

Shepherd Faithful Crank Up the Volume!

Shepherd Faithful Crank Up the Volume!

Shepherd’s Varsity Football team captured it’s second victory of the year Friday night over Bullock Creek.  It was a high scoring, hard hitting affair. Shepherd found itself down 20-7 at the half, but came roaring back to a 39-34 victory in the second half.  One big difference in the game was the ability of the Shepherd Defense to slow down the running attack of the Creek in the third quarter.  Hard hitting in the middle of the line caused a couple of key turnovers for Bluejays.

Keagan Showalter had a big game with multiple 3rd and 4th down runs and passes for first downs in the second half come back.  But, there were many great performances on the field and off the field (by the faithful).  It was definitely a great ‘Bluejay‘ win!

Shepherd's Future Cheerleaders!


There were many sights and sounds at the game.  So many in fact, that over 170 pictures made it up in the Galleries for Friday night’s game.  The Shepherd Cheerleaders invited the little Bluejays that had attended their Cheer Camp to the game.  The Varsity Cheerleaders had their hands full as the ‘army’ of future Bluejay cheerleaders showed up in droves!

Mark this coming Saturday on your calendar as both Volleyball and the Equestrian team have big meets.  The Volleyball team will be hosting their annual Bluejay Invitational and the Equestrian team will be participating in their State Regional Competition at the Midland Fairgrounds.

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