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Take Two!

Well, I was really disappointed with the results of D90 video I posted below.  Now, I don’t mean the product produced by the camera, but the result once it was posted.  To produce the video, I dumped it from the camera into Imovie08.  When I exported the edited version, I did it two ways.  First, I did what it suggested, exported it in medium quality directly to YouTube.  That version was so bad, you could barely read the Title screens.  So, next, I exported to my hard drive in it’s highest quality.  Then I uploaded that version directly to YouTube.  Now, I realize that YouTube doesn’t support (yet?) HD, but the result was still poor.  This second version is the one I placed in my post (below).  Both versions can be seen (to compare) on my YouTube site.  I know I’ve watched a tutorial video on the web somewhere (posted by a middle school student) how to compress your video in such a way that the resulting YouTube version is much better than my results.  I also had heard that a site called Vimeo supported HD.  So, I uploaded my video to Vimeo and the results were much better!  The only problem is that it seems you can’t embed these videos into a wordpress blog! You can try to the link below. It will take you to my vimeo site and you can view the video there 😦

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