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Welcome to the ‘NEW’ Veesphotos!

It’s a new school year.  We have many new coaches.  And, Mr Vee has a new photo site!  Last spring I started putting my pictures on a new site (smugmug.com).  I was having trouble keeping up with the picture orders that were being handed to me in class and this site offered a simple solution.  You are able to order (and crop) the picture right there online.  Plus, I think their interface is much friendlier than the one I was using.  So, it was only fitting that I start using a CSS front page to replace my old HTML page.  By using this format, people will be able to go back and look at previous posts.  For example, Mr Vee’s “Pictures of the Week” will be available months later (in case your great Aunt doesn’t have the internet at home and comes for a visit – you can now show her that you were the subject of the “Picture of the Week” last month!!).

I, also, like the new organization on this site.  It allows me to organize my links in two ‘Clicker‘ columns on the left and right.  Two, I would like to point out in this first post are the link to the Galleries and how you can be notified of new posts.  In the right column, at the top, is a link to all the Galleries of pictures I put up on Smugmug.  Just click on the link there to go to see all the pictures.  In the left column, at the top, is a description of two ways that you can be notified when I put up the pictures you’ve been waiting for!  Check out the many other links below those two also.

As the year goes on, I hope to put up some audio and video of pictures I take and interviews with some of the coaches and senior athletes from Shepherd.  So, stay tuned for those as we have several new head coaches this year (so far; Varsity Football and Girl’s Cross Country).

Lastly, you are able to comment on what you find here and what you might like to find here.  All comments are screened (so it’s safe here :D).  So, don’t wait.  Tell me what you like and don’t like about the new format!

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